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Bonbons & Chocolate, handmade. Fast delivery and specialized in custom work such as bonbons with a logo and chocolate truffles.

The Gooische Bal 9 pieces Exclusive Edition

€9,95 EUR
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The taste of Het Gooi. Encased in an exclusive, handmade bonbon.

The Goose Ball is an exclusive bonbon ball based on Gooise honey and whisky, wrapped in the finest Fair Trade chocolate from the Belgian chocolate house Callebaut. The Goose Ball is a mature 'boule de truffe' to which our chocolatiers devote the greatest care and attention. And you can taste that. And you wonder why The Goo Ball wrapped in trendy red? We would like to invite you to Het Gooi. You will undoubtedly come across him… that flamboyant Gooise ball.

Contents: 9 chocolate balls

By the way, all regional chocolates in the Dutch Bal Collection are – just like The Goo Ball – handmade based on our own recipe. Stylishly packaged in a luxurious gift box, they are a souvenir and a special gift with a local origin.

The Goo Ball is a bonbon ball from The Dutch Ball Collection. The bonbon collection, which derives its individuality and signature from the use of typical regional products from Dutch cities, regions and provinces, is a treat for gourmets and chocolate connoisseurs. A beautiful souvenir, gift and promotional gift in one that you like to share with others.

The Goose Ball is a trademark and registered product of Formatie Schipper | The Dutch Ball Collection.
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