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Our chocolate

Chocolate is loved by many people. And although the Netherlands is not a large consumer, a Dutch person still eats an average of 100 grams of chocolate per week. But that is nothing compared to, for example, a Swiss who eats more than double.


heart chocolate

For some people, the passion for chocolate goes very far. A nice example of this is the Seventypercent Club in the UK. This is a community that organizes tastings, collects information about chocolate and producers and publishes chocolate tasting notes. They only go for seventy percent cocoa or more. Hence the name. You will not find a milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts with them.

Chocolate is not only tasty, but due to the various substances in the chocolate and because our body produces Serotonin and endorphins after eating chocolate, we often feel just a little happier after eating chocolate, can take it for a while and are more alert. In the 16th century, chocolate drink was also prescribed as a medicine. We do not claim that you should eat just a kilo of chocolate and that you will be the happiest woman or man in the world. Everything in moderation and that also applies to chocolate. But it's nice to know that our customers are just a little happier after eating our products.

Belgian chocolate

Our chocolate products are beautiful and very tasty. The best Belgian chocolate from producer Callebaut is used for the products. This is made from natural and honest ingredients. Our products are prepared by hand.

We use chocolate from producer Callebaut. Callebaut is one of the rare chocolate makers who personally searches for the best cocoa beans around the equator. Thanks to their special ties with the local cocoa farmers, they get access to the best of their harvest. In addition, Callebaut roasts the cocoa beans itself – that has also become rare. By the way, they roast the beans completely, in their skins, to better preserve all the precious, even the most subtle aromas. It produces chocolates with a more intense, complex and deeper cocoa flavour. A taste that is typical for all Callebaut chocolates.

Quality Partner Program of Barry Callebaut

honest chocolate The cocoa farmers receive training where they learn how to deal responsibly with nature and increase the quality of the cocoa and learn techniques to prevent diseases of cocoa plants. The training also teaches them to deal responsibly with their workers. The training enables the farmers to produce more cocoa of a better quality. As a result, they can get a better income and achieve better living conditions. The Program also provides education, health care and clean water. This ensures a better quality of life for the communities. The chocolate we use from Callebaut uses cocoa from the Quality Partner Program. This is a sustainability program that aims to support cocoa farmers and to make the best cocoa there is in a responsible manner through guidance and training.

How is chocolate made?

Chocolate is made from the kernel of the fruit of the cocoa tree. This fruit contains 15 to 20 kernels (cocoa beans). After picking and peeling the fruit, the beans are placed on the ground and covered with banana leaves. The cocoa beans will then ferment. This takes about 2 to 8 days. After this, the beans are dried, roasted and sieved. Then they are ground. A cocoa mass is then created. The next step in the process is pressing the cocoa mass. Pressing separates the cocoa butter from the cocoa. The cocoa is then ground into cocoa powder. The chocolate is ultimately made with the combination of cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar. With milk chocolate, milk powder is added. And white chocolate lacks cocoa powder. The whole process of making chocolate is also described in detail on wikipedia . Chocolate is best kept at room temperature (about 18 degrees). Storing chocolate in the refrigerator makes it harder and the chocolate loses a bit of its taste. Unfilled chocolate can be stored for up to two years. For bonbons, this depends on the type of filling. Got hungry? Chocolate box delivers quickly!