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Real Goudsche Kamphuisen syrup waffles in a tin with your own logo

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The Goudsche Kamphuisen waffle is a household name in Gouda and the surrounding area. This waffle has been made since 1810. Deliciously crispy, fresh and with a secret recipe. The difference with the 'regular' stroopwafel is that two waffles are baked and attached to each other with caramel syrup. This makes the waffle very crispy.

Minimum order: 25 pieces

The waffles (10 pieces) are freshly packed in a nice tin and we apply a nice label with your logo on the tin. An original, tasty and traditional promotional gift. Your employees or relations will enjoy the delicious waffles. And the tin can be used again and your logo will remain visible.


Gouda is a city with an impressive history. The stroopwafel has made an important contribution to this. In the 19th and early 20th century, more than 100 stroopwafel bakers were active in the then still relatively poor city. The stroopwafel was cheap and was also called 'the banquet of the poor'. The waffles were in great demand and were produced by everyone because of their popularity. But the quality of the stroopwafels varied greatly...

Pastry bakery Kamphuisen was located on the corner of the Hoge Gouwe and the Peperstraat in Gouda for many years. In 1829 Pieter Willem Kamphuisen opened the doors of the 'koekbakkerswinkel' for the first time. He was the son of Wilhelmus Kamphuisen and Cornelia van Bentum, who originally came from Gulikerland – a region on the border of Limburg and Germany. Pieter Willem probably already sold cakes around 1810. That year is today used as the introduction year of the Kamphuisen syrup wafer.

The Kamphuisen syrup waffle has been a great source of inspiration for many other syrup waffle bakers over the centuries. The waffles were different from the so-called cavity waffle and stood out because of the crispy biscuit and the tasty caramel syrup that was in between. Many bakers diligently tried to copy the waffle. With little success. The recipe has been carefully kept secret over the years.

Pastry bakery Kamphuisen has become a household name in Gouda over time. Anyone who wanted to serve something delicious with their coffee during Christmas or other festivities, popped by the cozy confectionery shop. The confectionery family had quality as a high priority. Only the best cakes and pastry products, prepared in the bakery at Peperstraat 2, left the store. This also applied to the syrup waffles, which at that time were still hand coated with caramel syrup and were made at Peperstraat 24. There was also the storage space for flour, flour, sugar and syrup wafer tins.

Big Fame

The Kamphuisen syrup waffle gained great fame. The wafers were presented several times at the Food Exhibition. As early as the 19th century, various awards followed for its exceptional taste and quality. In the course of the 20th century, the Gouda delicacy also gained popularity outside the city limits. Leading delicatessens such as Eichholtz – with branches in Amsterdam and The Hague, among others – included the waffles in their range. The waffles could even count on royal interest. Queen Juliana regularly sent her driver to the shop in Gouda to buy Kamphuisen's syrup waffles.

Pastry shop Kamphuisen closed its doors in the early 1970s, a few years after confectioner Cees Kamphuisen, the fifth generation of the confectionery family, passed away in 1969. He had run the confectionery business with his wife with great care, but had discouraged his children from continuing the shop. It was hard work and little money, was his gloomy conclusion. In the early 1970s, the store – which had been a household name in Gouda for more than 140 years – closed for good. Fortunately, the recipe and name have been adopted and we can offer you these fantastic waffles.